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FE:A Inigo - His Dream by Without-Heart FE:A Inigo - His Dream by Without-Heart
"You know, I often practice fighting and dancing near your grave... and when I do, I always feel you there gently puhsing me along."

Inigo/Azur - me
Photo and Editing - :iconanother-rose:

Haha, I actually should be packing my stuff for Animecon in The Netherlands I'm going to leave for tomorrow, but because my wonderful girlfriend has a habit of taking absolutley stunning pictures, I couldn't withstand the temptation to upload a picture of my most recent cosplay, Inigo from FE:A.

Inigo was love at first sight. The moment he appeared he literally stole my heart and when Another-Rose was looking for members for her FE:A cosplay group last year, I knew I just had to cosplay him. Not only because he and I have a lot in common (I'm still sad the localization made so much more of a womanizer of him than he actually is..because he really isn't at all, orz). With his secret passion for dancing, his shyness, his honest wish to make everyone happy... and my soft spot for the Future Kids in general.. I just had to do him justice in some way and I chose cosplay.
And.. I started far to late again. OTL
It started with an neverending quest of finding the right fabrics (my girlfriend really saved me here because she found the dark blue fabric for the tunic) and ended with all those time-consuming stuff I had never done before. In general, this cosplay was a big "I have no idea what I am doing here but I hope it works out"
In the end, it somehow did, although it did cost me two mental breakdowns, my whole free time of especially the last three weeks (I came home from work, worked on the cosplay, slept and went to work again, etc) and even some  blood.
The armour parts are made of Worbla and with the advice and help of Another-Rose, thanks, sweetheart.
And despite the fact that I wasn't able to finish some minor details, I'm quite satisfied with the cosplay so far.

About the picture: One of my big cosplay picture wishes was one with Inigo practicing dancing. It would have been great if I had one with Gerome or Olivia secrtely watching me. but since both couldn't attend our group last saturday, I had to make the best of what I had.
And I really like how the pictue came out. It took us a lot of tries (which was hard with +30C in the shadows), but it was worth it, I think.

More pictures are going to follow the next days/weeks.
And I really look forward to wearing the cosplay again for our big FE:A adventure photo shooting this fall.

Last thing I want to say is that this cosplay will always hold a special meaning  to me. Without it, my life would be much duller right now. <3 *glances to Another-Rose*
Another-Rose Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
/glances back >////< Hihi. ♥
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